Strayer Laptop Agreement Form

The cost of the laptop is built into the student`s tuition and there is no additional charge to pay unless the laptop is damaged, lost or stolen. The school entrusts the possession of the laptop to students after graduation, but some software must be uninstalled under certain licensing agreements. The IsU Sycamore Technology Award covers the cost of a new laptop chosen by the university and is open to budding students who are also entitled to needs-based Pell Grants. Recently, the school distributed the HP ProBook 640 to the winners. National and non-state students can apply, but only online, international and returning students do not qualify. Recipients can keep their laptops as long as they attend university for at least two consecutive semesters. If you leave before the end of the second semester, you must return your laptop either in person or by mail. Amridge University`s laptop program allows each student to purchase a laptop at a discounted price. In 2018-19, each student paid a flat fee of $375 $US per device. Although the university does not directly provide laptops, a three-year warranty extension, including parts and services, applies. Amridge University students can choose from several models: for example, the 2018-2019 range included Lenovo, HP and Microsoft laptops.

Each student has different needs and preferences when it comes to choosing a laptop. Our guide to the best laptops takes into account factors such as creditworthiness, portability, media release and value. Visit this link to view our ranking. UnCP retains ownership of the laptop after a recipient has graduated or withdrawn the course, and students are responsible for the costs of damage to laptops or theft. The university issues laptops on a first-come basis, which can limit availability so that students submit their annual applications as quickly as possible. Renting laptops for summer sessions requires a separate contract. A: You have eight weeks after the first day of the course to sign and return your laptop contract form and check your delivery address to get a laptop. If you miss the deadline, you lose your right to this offer.

Some online schools that provide laptops include the price of the laptop in teaching fees. In this case, students always pay for the device, but they can usually keep their laptop when they finish school. Other universities rent laptops and tablets to students. This option may be less expensive, but as soon as students graduate, they must return their device to school. The school does not offer laptop insurance beyond the standard device manufacturing warranty and encourages students to purchase damage and theft protection insurance. Students should also back up their files every week if the software or hardware is misadding. In addition to attending online colleges with free laptops, students can save money on computers and college expenses, for example.B. by providing financial support, visiting a school that is inexpensive or non-course, and taking into account costs in the college planning process.