What Four Countries Signed The Munich Agreement

The Manchester Guardian covered every aspect of the story – from the details of the deal to Chamberlain`s appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to the unease between other nations. One editorial considered the piece of paper he had brandished on his return to Britain to be almost worthless. Meanwhile, a new Czechoslovak cabinet under General Jan Syrový was created, and on September 23, a decree of general mobilization was issued, which was accepted by the public with great enthusiasm – within 24 hours, a million men joined the army to defend the country. The Czechoslovak army, modern, experienced and with an excellent system of border fortifications, was ready to fight. The Soviet Union announced that it was ready to come to the aid of Czechoslovakia, provided that the Soviet army could cross Polish and Romanian territory. Both countries refused to allow the Soviet army to use their territories. [38] The agreement was generally welcomed. Maugham regarded the decision to establish a Czechoslovak state with large German and Hungarian minorities as a “dangerous experiment” in light of previous disputes and attributed the agreement largely to the need for France to free itself from its treaty obligations, given that it was not prepared for war. [63] After the war, Churchill`s memoirs of the time, The Gathering Storm (1948), claimed that Chamberlain`s appeasement of Hitler in Munich had been wrong, and recorded Churchill`s pre-war warnings about Hitler`s plan of aggression and the madness that Britain insisted on disarmament after Germany had achieved air parity with Britain. .