Wisconsin Self Storage Rental Agreement

704.90 (4g) (4g) Delay or default after the end. A tenant who delays or does not pay the rent for the storage of abandoned personal property after the termination of the tenancy agreement is subject to the procedures and recourse in the subs. (4r) to (9) and (12). 704.90 (4) (4) Care and custody. Except in the rental agreement and in this section, there is exclusive maintenance, retention and control of personal property stored in the tenant`s rental room. 704.90 (1) (d) “operator” means the owner, landlord or subset of a self-service storage facility or self-service storage unit, a representative of them or any other person authorized by the owner, landlord, landlord or tenant to manage the self-service facility or unit or to obtain the rental of a tenant under a lease agreement. 704.90 (1) (a) by default means that the tenant does not pay the tenancy or any other fees due under a tenancy agreement for a period of 7 consecutive days after the expiry date under the lease agreement. 704.90 (2m) (2m) Written rental agreement. Any tenancy agreement must be made in writing and include a provision allowing the tenant to indicate the name and last known address of a person who, in addition to the tenant, must declare the operator in point 5 (b) 1. If the rental agreement contains a provision limiting the value of the property stored in the rental room, this provision is in bold or emphasized in the same size as the rest of the contract. 704.90 (5) (b) 1.a.

a. Notification that the tenant is late or has not paid the rent for the storage of personal property abandoned after the termination of the lease, or both. 704.90 (1) (b) b) b) “rental space” is a self-service storage unit or room located in a self-service warehouse that a tenant is authorized to use to keep personal self-service property under a rental agreement that is not rented or made available to the tenant in connection with a residential building. 704.90 (7) Communication; Presumption of delivery. Notification by mail at point 5 sous b) is presumed, in the event of a deposit at the U.S. post office, to correctly address the last known address of the tenant or to the person indicated in the tenancy agreement under (2m) with payment. 704.90 (a) An operator has a right of bet for all personal property stored in a rental room and other personal property-related expenses, including the cost of preservation, withdrawal, storage, preparation for sale and sale of personal property. The right to pledge is suspended from the first day that personal property is stored in the rental room and is greater than any other pledge or interest in the security of personal property, with the exception of a legal pledge or security interest, perfected by deposit before the first day the personal property is stored in the rented space. , an interest in safety for a vehicle advanced in J.342 or an interest in safety for a vehicle less than a ch.

30. 704.90 Note While excess revenue from sub-6 sales is considered abandoned, there is no indication in J.C. 177 that this presumption cannot be overcome. There is no indication that the holder can maintain the proceeds of the surplus even if the person whose property was sold presents himself personally to the holder or otherwise addresses the holder. Cook v. Public Storage, Inc. 2008 WI App 155, 314 Wis. 2d 426, 761 N.W.2d 645, 07-2077. 704.90 (5) (b)1.c.c. A notification of refusal of access to personal property if such a refusal is allowed under the terms of the rental agreement or under sub.