Whether you arrive by car or bus, we have listed out step-by-step instructions on what to do once you get here!

Arrival by Car

When you arrive in Saas-Fee you will need to park in the official car park, which is located immediately to the left  as you enter the village – impossible to miss!


  • You collect a ticket at the car park barrier.
  • You drive to either parking areas A or B which are right in front of you.
  • You find the nearest parking bay and unload your luggage there.

You then can choose from one of the 4 options listed below.

  • Call electric taxis from these parking bays – phone numbers are available free of charge. This service costs approximately 20-25 CHF
  • Walk to the tourist office (200 – 300 metres away) and collect a “hand trolley”. These require a returnable deposit that will be needed as security for the trolley)
  • Carry your luggage and walk!
  • Pre-arrange with us if we can collect you on arrival!

Whilst one of your friends or family is waiting at the parking bay with your luggage, you can then drive and park your car in one of the many floors of parking available to you.

Please keep your parking ticket with you. Reductions in the cost of parking are available.

Arrival by Bus

Follow the directions above as the bus station is almost directly opposite the tourist office.

You will notice all of these stilted wooden houses upon arrival at the bus terminal in Saas-Fee!